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The Cités Immersives story

Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin

While France is a land of history, rich in its heritage, much of these stories remain unknown to the general public. We are convinced that the traditional museum must be rethought to address the widest possible audience. We believe that emotion and spectacle should serve pedagogy.

It is from this observation that Cités Immersives was born, founded in 2023 by Jean Vergès and Anthony Samama. We aim to use the power of immersion and new technologies to tell history with rigor, passion, and poetry.

The concept

In spaces of over 1000m2, Cités Immersives offers a spectacular sensory, visual, and auditory experience. Playing with cutting-edge technologies and captivating narration, Cités Immersives combines history and technology through historical settings, 360° video walls, and 3D musical devices.

In order to promote territories and decentralize the cultural offer, Cités Immersives aims to design, produce, and operate a network of immersive cultural spaces throughout France, dedicated to discovering the history of France and its local heritage. Each Cité Immersive is intended to become a place of life and culture, offering constantly renewed content, events, and cultural manifestations, in order to encourage the widest audience to appropriate our History.

The first Cité Immersive will open in Rouen on June 15, 2024.

The Cité Immersive Viking

Located on the banks of the Seine in Rouen, the Cité Immersive Viking will transport you to the heart of Viking history in Normandy. Through a rich journey offering a sensory, narrative, and playful experience, the Cité Immersive Viking showcases Scandinavian culture, its craftsmanship, sciences, mythology, history, and its fundamental contributions to contemporary French culture.

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Our values

We enhance heritage

83% of French people express a strong interest in history

We are convinced that knowledge of this history is a factor of cohesion and unity.

We decentralize the cultural offer

90% of tourist attendance is concentrated in the Paris area

We want to set up venues in regional town centers, so that everyone, wherever they are, can benefit from cultural infrastructures.

We tell history with rigor

100% of our content is reviewed by historians

We believe in immersion based on storytelling and show, but it is always accompanied during the visit by educational resources placed under the scientific direction of expert historians.

We democratize culture

70% of visitors have found museum visits boring

Today, the museum experience fails to reach the widest audience. We are committed to reinventing the traditional museum through an immersive and unprecedented experience, dedicated to pedagogy.

The ambition of Cités Immersives is to create numerous immersive cultural establishments in France focusing on the national history and local heritage.

Our team

Jean Vergès


Jean has a background in law, art history, and cultural management. He is a graduate of the Sorbonne and King's College. He has launched two companies in the cultural sector, driven by the same goal: to transmit a love of heritage through innovative solutions.


Anthony Samama

General manager

Anthony is a graduate of HEC Paris and Sciences Po Paris. He founded a startup with l’Institut du Cerveau and then worked in a startup accelerator before joining the strategic direction of a hyper-growth company. He is elected Deputy Mayor of the 15th arrondissement of Paris.


Sophie Liger

Set designer

Sophie has led a scenography and artistic direction agency for 20 years. She has designed several immersive experiences and directed large-scale projects in museums, cinema, and theater. She is passionate about French history.


Lohengrin Mellet

Director of Operations

Lohengrin has been organizing exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts, etc., for 25 years. He has held leadership positions in major companies and participated in the launch of the Immersive Grand Palais as site and operations manager.


Caroline Brun

Marketing & Communication Director

Caroline has a triple background in commercial law, art history, and cultural management from ESCP Europe. She has worked in cultural immersion with AGP, then participated in the creation of the Atelier des Lumières, where she became responsible for B2B & B2C sales.


Elizabeth Yardeni

Production Director

Elizabeth is a graduate of King's College London in cultural management. She has worked for over 10 years in London and Parisian theaters, such as the Lido or the English National Opera, in production and artistic coordination for ambitious projects.


Ludovic Garnier

Site manager

Ludovic Garnier, facility manager of the Cité Immersive Viking and founder of the 'Children of Rollon' association in Rouen, promotes Viking culture. A former military officer, he enriches Rouen's cultural offer with Viking events and projects.


Gwladys Okondo

Marketing & Events Manager

Gwladys, as Marketing & Events Manager of the Cité Immersive Viking, combines creativity and strategy inherited from her notable experience with the Armada of Rouen. Her expertise contributes to enriching and promoting the unique identity of the Cité.


Michael Bidaux

Administrative & Financial Manager

Michael is the Administrative & Financial Manager of the Cité Immersive Viking. He oversees financial and administrative aspects. With his experience as an accountant, entrepreneur, and in the nonprofit sector, he ensures the proper management and development of the cultural establishment.


Alice Tchiknavorian

Project Manager

Alice has a background in law and is currently studying for a master's degree in Art History at the Sorbonne. With a goal of bringing culture closer to the public, she volunteered at the Louvre Museum as a cultural mediator. She is passionate about history and museology.


Diane Hayeck

Project Manager

Diane is a Master's student in Public History, where she is pursuing a double major in history and patrimony. Involved in the creation of cultural projects, she co-founded the Public History Festival in Albi and collaborated with institutions such as the Cathédrale Sainte Cécile and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum.


Pierre Lambert

2D - 3D Project Manager

Pierre is a 2D and 3D artist. He graduated from ESMA in Rennes and excels in creating video games. His end-of-studies project, an exploration video game, was awarded the "Jury's Favorite" Prize at his school. His creativity enriches the visual identity of the Cité Immersive.


Gaïa Perreaut

Project Manager - Historian

Specializing in Scandinavian history, Gaia is pursuing a Ph.D. in medieval Scandinavian literatures at La Sorbonne while also undergoing training in cultural mediation. Her passion and creativity enrich the Cité Immersive Viking.

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